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High heel safety?

Question: Hi Beth, As a huge fan of women and their high heels . The city was doing some work on the sidewalks in front of my shop. They left lots of pebbles up and down the side walk. How dangerous is it if a women with high heels on steps on one of them? I called the city about it and they have not...


How can I get my girlfriend to start wearing high heels?

“How can I get my girlfriend to start wearing highheels ? I took her shopping at the Aldo shoe store and told her I wanted to buy her some nice shoes. She went right for the comfortable shoes. I have hinted to her in the past that I have a thing for highheels. I know she would look great in a nice high heels.” –...


Problem finding shoes to wear: 5’9” and I’m 56 so I have arthritis…

Question: I love to party and I love to dress up but I always have a problem finding shoes to wear. I am 5’9” and I’m 56 so I have arthritis in my feet and knees. I just can’t walk and dance in high heels, nor do I like being over 6′ when I dress up! Answer: Women who are tall stand proud! There is...


How do I teach my daughter to walk in high heel shoes?

Start her out in a lower heel then progess higher as she feels more comfortable . Make sure that the heel that you’re buying her fits properly. Even being a “seasoned” shoe lover – when the shoe doesn’t fit, it’s impossible to walk well.


Why do women buy a shoe that is too small or big if we love it?

The same reason we stay with the wrong man. We just can’t help ourselves…


Why do men want to have sex with women wearing heels?

We look sexy and our backs are arched just right……..

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