• Heel Tips: Caring for your Shoes
  • September 10th, 2012
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We all love our shoes. Oftentimes we even treat them like our offspring. The following are suggestions of the best ways to care and secure the longevity and fabulousness of your shoes, babies or whatever sweet pet name you have for your lovely shoes.

1. Rotation

In order to preserve your favorite pairs, they need time to rest and retain their shape. It’s advised that you never wear the same pair of leather shoes two days in a row.

2. Shoetrees

Reminiscent of what you grew up seeing in your father’s shoe closet, it’s good practice to place your shoes in cedar wood shoetrees as soon as you take them off. The cedar absorbs moisture, helping to prolong the shape and minimize creasing.

3. Drying

For days when that puddle just could not be avoided, scrunch up some newspaper and place them inside your shoes to dry pairs that have been drenched in the rain. Under no circumstances place them near a radiator or use a hairdryer, as this damages the wet leather.

4. Waterproofing

This may seem a bit extreme, but it’s useful information to know. Use sandpaper to score the surface of the sole before placing the shoes inside an empty biscuit tin lid. Then pour in some linseed oil up to the top of the sole and leave for a week. Then smile and exhale; you have now waterproofed your shoes.

5. Polishing and cleaning

Use an old T-shirt and a dab of water to wash away any excess dirt or mud. Then get out your army camouflages and fatigues out and apply a beeswax polish with a separate piece of cloth and shine with a horsehair brush. Finally, give them a once over with the cloth you used to apply the polish. Repeated polishing over the years gives the leather a character and appearance/patina that is far more pleasing than when shop-new.

6. Buy Blakeys

In the classic process of breaking in your brand new shoes, the tough leather will not be able to bend to the stresses your foot puts it under when you walk, meaning the front will wear away quicker than the rest of the shoe. Your local cobbler/ shoe repair man can place Blakeys (small metal protectors) on the front end of the sole to protect it.

7. Repairing scuffs

With a pair of patent leather shoes that have been scuffed, it is possible to remove the blemish by using an eraser,acetone or polish remover. For a pair of brown shoes which have been scuffed, try to blend in the blemish by rubbing it with the underside of a banana skin. Yes, seriously!

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