• Anatomy of the High Heel
  • July 30th, 2012
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Ok. So it’s one thing to know the in’s and out’s of your shoes designer and even when and where the shoe was created. But it’s completely another thing to know the specific anatomy of your beloved shoe. Today we will learn the key physical analysis of the the high heel. The technical terms will be addressed as well as its role in keeping our feet comfortable and our days stylish and pleasant.

Last– is a form in the approximate shape of a human foot. The high density plastic model establishes the arch which determines how your weight is distributed along the length of your foot. Your shoe will not be comfortable if no conformity is established between your arch and the last. So take the extra time and try on the pair of shoes and take a walk around.

Shank– Under the arch of your foot is the curve of the shoe, known as the shank. Quality is key with this area since it absorbs your body weight through the ball of your foot and across the top of your foot.

Quarter– I’m sure we all have war scars from this section of the shoe. This is the back of the shoe where it touches your foot. Like goldilocks, search for the one just right. Too low, no support. Too high and it will dig into your ankle and wearing bandaids are not sexy and they clash with everything.

Vamp– You can thank the vamp for your sexy toe cleavage! This is how high or low a shoe is cut for the toes. You will get more support if the vamp is higher. It will assist with keeping the foot in a stable position and prevent it from sliding back and forth. High vamps are important to have with high heels. Unfortunately, there is a price to pay for the toe cleavage.

Toe box– Self-explanatory, this is where your toes sit. It can be square, round or pointy. The toe box style you choose should complement your height and body type. Regardless of how extreme the pointy toe box may be, your toes should be able to move and wiggle freely. Try telling that to your Jimmy Choo’s and Louboutin’s.

Heel height– Very important when considering your feet and back health. The heel height can be anywhere from 2” to 6” or higher. Stilettos are undeniably sexy, however it takes a toll on your feet and back. A 2 ½” heel is an ideal height that can be done daily, but who really wants to adhere by that?

We are now knowledgable of the anatomy of the heel. Let us take this information and apply it to our next shoe shopping outing.

High Shank and Low Toe Box

6″ Heel Height 4″ Shank

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