1. You shop for clothes based on the shoes you already have.

2. You have a budget set specifically for shoes, not clothes/accessories/shoes but strictly for shoes.

3. All of your pictures must contain your shoes.

4. You save every box that your shoes came in.

5. Your season cleaning consists of you reorganizing your shoe collection.

6. It pains you to have to even consider throwing away a pair of shoes.

7. You’ve given your dog the cold shoulder for damaging or destroying your shoes.

8. You can recall every shoe purchase you have ever made.

9. You have camped out or line up for a pair of shoes.

10. You remember people from the shoes they had on.

11. You dream of shoes.

12. You know Beth Shak as the woman with the incredible shoe collection and not as the poker champ.

13. You’ve experienced severe buyers remorse from not buying a pair of shoes.

14. Shoes are your wallpaper.

15. Your home remedy for sadness is buying a pair of shoes.

16. Everyday you visit websites dedicated solely to shoes.

17. You buy a new pair shoes for every special event.

18. You make it a priority to take care of our shoes.

19. You have invented a way of walking in your shoes to prevent creasing.

20. You have Carrie Fever and you much rather pay for a pair of shoes than pay a bill.

One Comment

  1. fanofbeth

    As a guy, I would like to thank you for this great site. There is nothing sexier to me than a woman in great heels. If she is sitting and dangling them, I am putty…lol
    Beth is both gorgeous and smart with great taste!

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