We look sexy and our backs are arched just right……..


  1. Swoosh1065

    Hmmmmmmm why do u think ? men look at the womens legs & yes her shoes… If u want comfort well stay home in ur UGGS & flip flops…. if u want a man to notice well get shoe shopping Today…. It makes Sex that much better it makes her legs & ass look that much better too… Women can instantly up there game (STATUS) 4 nocthes JUST by wear HEELS…… Why must they still chooese comfort over style i never get it & men do notice…. They just don’t have the heart to tell u because it leads to more dramma……. men should never dress a women…. Bad & comfy shoes can make a 10 a instant 5 but good shoes 7 outfit can make a 5 an 8.5 Sorry girls but its the truth.. Your man is cared to tell u……. Please respond to my email if u don’t agree. I know most men will agree the ones who don’t well they are lost souls or slobs themselfs……………….

    • I kno of this very well, because a man I know loves for me 2 parade around in stockings & heels before we have sex with the shoes on !!!!!!

      • excelente compra, los recedionmo altamente, saludos desde venezuela. Lastima que la compra no puede ser con otro mecanismo que no sea el cupo cadivi. Seria ideal que hicieran envios directo a venezuela.

      • Cascarmela

        Wow! That man must really get an eyeful before sex from you! Again Wow!

    • Simply to follow up on the up-date of this matetr on your blog and would wish to let you know just how much I loved the time you took to create this useful post. Inside the post, you actually spoke of how to seriously handle this challenge with all ease. It would be my own pleasure to accumulate some more thoughts from your website and come as much as offer others what I have learned from you. Thank you for your usual terrific effort.

    • annonymous

      A closer in depth look:
      High heels Pose a tremendously harmful threat to
      the skeletal structure and women have been
      warned for years now of the following.
      Long term wearing causes hammer
      toes, bunions, foot deformity, ankle damage,
      shortened tendons and muscle tissue damage in
      the legs, knee aches which lead to possible surgery,
      pelvic region repositioning, spinal deformity leading
      tremendous backache etc. Although the
      exctrutiating discomfort of these symptoms can be
      treated medically, the results are irreversable.
      High heels happen to be (according to the world,
      not my opinion) the most sexual attire any woman
      can wear. Every woman should have a pair of high
      heels. Although it is believed that these shoes give
      a woman confidence, there really is alot more to
      them than you may have thought. High heels, no
      matter the height, are designed to pervert a
      woman’s stance, give her a sexually exaggerated
      walk, and best of all accentuate all the visual
      aspects of her body. Put on a pair for yourself
      today and take a good look in the mirror. Your
      calves are more defined, legs look longer and
      sexier, buttox is lifted and made firm, stomache
      becomes slimmer thus helps hide flab, chest
      protrudes outwards giving lift to the breasts. A
      perfect figger hugging dress or even a loose dress
      with clingy material is just right for that sexual
      attractive look.
      I do not believe God is happy with christian woman
      strutting out in public promoting their bodies in
      this manner. No one, male or female
      should be intentionally drawing attention from the
      opposite sex especially if married.
      The issue is not just in the high heel alone as even
      many ungodly women may only wear flats. Yes,
      changing your choice of shoe may not change your
      desire or passion for God but if you know what you
      are doing to both yourself and to those around you
      yet willingly continue in it, you will hinder your walk
      with God and you are destroying your testimony of
      your faith in Christ. All your confidence, self
      asteem, security and trust must be found in Christ.
      You have nothing to prove to no one. Christ will
      shine His beauty through you as you put your faith
      in Him.
      In love to all my sisters in the faith, please see this
      not as judgement but humble yourselves to see
      the Truth rather than to be offended. We are called
      to separate ourselves from the likeness of this
      ungodly world, to be imitators of Christ and not to
      conform to the ways of this world.

  2. OnHerToes

    I have to agree with SWOOSH1065 about the heels. I just can not understand why a women will get all dressed up and then put on a low heeled shoe. I see this all the time and it can make a girl so much more if only she would finish her out fit with a nice pair of heels. What is worse are those platform and wedges they wear now. It just does not help there look one bit.

  3. You can certainly see your eetprxise within the work you write. The world hopes for more passionate writers such as you who are not afraid to mention how they believe. At all times follow your heart. What power has law where only money rules. by Gaius Petronius.

  4. Diane Fisher

    The simple answer is guys love to see girls in heels. I had a boy friend that loved to just see me slip on my shoes. What he liked was the way it transformed my look from nice to WOW.

    On another note, I was sitting in a hotel lobby and this guy came over and sat right across from me. He could have sat at one of the other seat on both side of me but he went right to the seat across from me. I had red pumps on with i think a 4.5 inch heel. I was reading some paper work and I noticed his eyes were locked on my shoes. I just went back to reading and a few minutes later I looked up and he was still mesmerized . I moved my position and he snapped out of it and looked at me and got up and left.

    They just love high heels.

    • Cascarmela

      Hope you realized the power those heels have on some men. Red heels eh! Wonder what the occassion was that those particular heels came out to play?

    • dave1

      I love a mature woman (not girl) wearing high heels,stockings garter belt and of course long nails as long as she knows how to use them. These make good sex even better. Y’all know I’m right. Now go home and surprise your man. If u don’t have one contact me,I’ll help.

  5. saltycowboy

    I always have had a foot fetish. nothing sexier than a woman wearing open toe high heel’s. Stiletto’s. nothing better than having her wearing them during sex. A real turn on. I love to suck on toes in foreplay, and lick the arch of her foot. a real turn on.

    • dave1

      Not into feet or toe sucking,but as long as the heels and stockings r on, just run those long nails across my back and c–kmeat will be an awesome experience.

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