• Why do women buy a shoe that is too small or big if we love it?
  • April 11th, 2012
  • Ask Beth

The same reason we stay with the wrong man. We just can’t help ourselves…


  1. Swoosh1065

    No that is NOT 100 % true… shoes to women as sports are to a man… Its passion, its a way of life. Women relate shoes as power the same way a man relays a power tools ie; drill, power sander, a saw. Its about instant success. That is what HIGH HEELS relate to a women its a INSTANT LIFT UP. The power tool to a man is instant success…….. If women where the wrong shoes week after week & date after date.. They usually will end up using there own version of POWER TOOLS usually stored next to there bed at the end of the night… It comes in battery or rechargeable version…… I welcome ur response

    • July 19, 2010Saturday I wore plain black reef flip-flops. Just to my kids’ swimming lenssos, and then a Red Sox baseball game (that we walked 45 minutes to get to, so my feet had to be comfortable).Today, I wore my cork-wedge-heel, black-leather strap flip flops.

  2. Ich werde die roten Schuhbe4nder vermissen aber wideer mal ist der ganze Kerl nicht im Blog zu sehen! Omo moniert das immer wideer. Sie will den ganzen Mathias sehen. Ich hab dich ja vor kurzem beim skypen gesehen, und alle fragen mich: wie sieht er denn so aus???Also tu was und zeig dich mal wideer in voller Grf6dfe im Blog. lg Mama und Sepp

  3. Anna

    I have bought shoes that are the wrong size knowing that I would never wear them. I have bought them because in my eyes they are a work of art and the effort the designer put into them, it is a shame to leave them on the rack when I can bring them home and appreciate their beauty!

    I have also bought shoes 1/2 a size too small and stretched them.


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