• How can I get my girlfriend to start wearing high heels?
  • June 15th, 2012
  • Ask Beth

“How can I get my girlfriend to start wearing highheels ? I took her shopping at the Aldo shoe store and told her I wanted to buy her some nice shoes. She went right for the comfortable shoes. I have hinted to her in the past that I have a thing for highheels. I know she would look great in a nice high heels.”

– First of all I commend any man that takes a women shoe shopping!!! My best advice is MOST women love honesty. Tell her she’s beautiful but you would love her to wear heels when you go out nice. That she has beautiful legs. Then offer again to take her shoe shopping.


  1. OnHerToes

    I’m not sure a girl can just put on a great pair of heels and be able to handle them. I see so many girls that just can’t look good when they walk in heels. I wish I knew how to know if she can even handle a highheel.

  2. Joy

    Don’t get a pair too high and then let her practice walking in them at home. You could also start her out with a wedged heel first.

  3. Diane Fisher

    High heels get a bad rap because a girl will have an affair of some kind and go out and buy a high heel to wear. Being that she has never spent any time in heels her feet ,ankles, and legs start to hurt. When she gets home she put the shoes away and thinks they hurt too much and avoids heels thinking she can’t wear heels.

    Here is what worked for me,

    I high heel trained 3 girls at my store and now they went from being convinced heels are not for them to wearing 3 and 4 inch heels at work every day.

    Take your girlfrind to a good shoe store and get a pair of heels with a 3 inch heel that fits her right. Make sure they have a leather upper and are made very well. stay away from cheep shoes. leather shoes can be stretched if it is needed. She will think they are to high the first time she puts them on because her body is not used to heels.

    Have her practice walking on her toes around the house as much as she can for a 2 weeks stretching her leg mussles.

    Every night have her lay on her back and point her feet as much as she can over and over. Then after the 2 weeks she can start to wear her heels around the house. She should try to wear them a little longer each time. Just don’t over do it. It’s a good idea to do the stretching every night by pointing her toes as much as she can. This will break in her new shoes and let her get used to the heels.

    When she feels like she can do it .Take her go to the food store and she can walk around while holding the shopping cart. Before she knows it she will find that heels can be comfortable. I she has to she should put on her heels once a week to keep her legs used to the heels.

    I found that after walking around in 3 inch heels I wanted to go higher and that seems to common after you wear heels for a while. Just going a half inch higher takes time to get used to the new hight of the heel.

    I hope that helps you..

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