Hi Beth, As a huge fan of women and their high heels . The city was doing some work on the sidewalks in front of my shop. They left lots of pebbles up and down the side walk. How dangerous is it if a women with high heels on steps on one of them? I called the city about it and they have not cleaned it up. With a starbucks nextdoor we get alot of women with heels walking there every morning.

Am I over reacting over my concern on this ?

Of course women tend to overreact. right?

My response is you’re 100% right. It’s VERY dangerous.
Women wipe out on good days.
If you wipe out on pointed stones, it could lodge in your leg, eye or anywhere.
Bad idea for the city.

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  1. Diane Fisher

    First I want to say wow , What a wonderful website Beth. There is so much shoe info on here.

    I have to comment on this,

    I wear classic pumps most of the time with a 4 or 4.5 inch heel. I have to walk a few blocks every week day to get to my job. I have come across a few things like cracks and raised sections of sidewalks that can trip you up if your not careful. I have stepped on small pebbles a few times and yes they can trip you up. But if you have the classic highheel pump on you have a better chance of recovery before you go down. With a platform pump you most likely will go down and twist your ankle. The shoe is stiff and has no flex so the shoe becomes like a seesaw . If you have a platform pump try to step on a small rock and see what happens. Please be careful girls : )

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